Fazi Mack
Business Development Manager and UMD Parent
A hospitality industry veteran for a decade and a half, a proud University of Maryland , College Park Parent & Alumni. A teaching fellow with GLN (global language network) my multi lingual heritage allowed me to contribute towards languages and Travel writing . As a Business development Manager I have had the opportunity to travel far and wide and learn from the best and the brightest in the industry. An avid traveler and contributor to "Travel community-Urban Travel on Google Plus, I believe travel can help take the blinders off we so very often tend to keep on as Americans on changing face of our community around us. View Tolerance for differences in all aspects of life and diversity as a strength. At present having raised a family, most of my time is engaged in professional development, finished MBA program and now working towards the Doctorate program in linguistics. I also volunteer with American Red Cross and have been on the
DAT (Disaster Action Team) for several years. I've spent over a decade in College park and seen the community grow and the face of College Park change for better. Hope to make a contribution as a Parent, Volunteer and a Travel writer. Fazia:faziam2012@gamail.com FB:Fazi Mack
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Since I was a little girl growing up in the sub-continent of Asia, I had thisMore curiosity of learning about how other inhabitants of planet Earth lived. After 4 and a half decades of Continent hopping, Sharing Travel Tips & Traps.
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