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Kensington Acupuncture Associates
3930 Knowles Ave, Kensington, MD 20895

Kensington Acupuncture Associates has four  acupuncturists and two massage therapists.  TheMore acupuncturists have 10 to 26 years of experience and practice Chinese, Japanese, Thai and some Korean acupuncture.  During an initial visit, the practitioner will discuss and analyze your current situation to help determine the most effective use of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  You will also receive acupuncture during your first session. 

On Tuesdays, from noon to 2pm, you can receive battlefield acupuncture which is ear acupuncture that helps alleviate pain.  The cost is $40 and no appointment is necessary. 

Anne Garnett, M.Ac., L.Ac., does acupuncture for the face to help erase wrinkles and bags around the neck and under the eyes.  She also practices Japanese pediatric acupuncture that uses a needle that resembles a toothpick with a small rounded tip. In addition to acupuncture, Garnett uses essential oils, acupressure and tuning forks. 

Dee Brown, L.Ac., M.Ac., has 20 years of experience. She is trained in the five-element tradition and Toyohari Japanese acupuncture. In 2000, she graduated from the Chinese Herbal Medicine program at Traditional Acupuncture Institute. 

Daniel I. Ebaugh, L.Ac., has been an acupuncturist since 1984.  He served on the faculty of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, Md., for 10 years.  He includes his herbal training when treating his patients. 

Rada Drapatskaya, RDH, L.Ac, M.Ac., is both an acupuncturist and a dental hygienist.  In addition to using acupuncture to treat patients with  common illnesses, Rada relies on acupuncture to help dental patients heal from oral facial issues such as TMJ disorder.  She applies acupuncture to help reduce wrinkles.  Rada helps patients with weight loss and allergy elimination with acupuncture.  To learn more about Rada, visit her website.

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