Volunteer Opportunities in Your Community or Nearby

Week of Oct. 1 through Oct. 7, 2012.


Looking to make a difference in your community? See how you can help out this week.

1. Home Safety Technicians

Availability: Flexible

Description: Volunteers will work the volunteer department to work with senior citizens who are in need of assistance. Falling is one of the major causes of injuries associated with ambulance calls and deaths for people over the age 65.

Sponsored by Silver Spring Volunteer Fire Department

2.  Refugee Resettlement Volunteers

Availability: Weekdays

Description:  Assist case managers in the reception and placement of newly arrived refugees. Managers need help with locating affordable housing, find furnishings and household goods to establish a home.

Sponsored by Ethiopian Community Development Council - African Community Center - Silver Spring

3. Video and Audio Editing Volunteer

Availability: Occasional weekdays

Description: Volunteer would help tell stories using video and audio.  Specifically, the volunteer would record and edit conferences, interviews, workshops and seminars.

Sponsored by The Danya Institute, Inc

4. Professional Development Mentors

Availability: Flexible

Description: Mentors will help guide refugee clients who want to get involved in specific industries.

Sponsored by International Rescue Committee

5. Administrative Support 

Availability: Flexible

Description: A Wider Circle is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children and adults to lift themselves out of poverty.

Sponsored by A Wider Circle


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