Moco Mojo: Cute Kids, We Heart Labor Day, What's That on Your Popcorn? Ew

Everything you may have missed the last week of August in these 500 square miles, plus what is surely the world's largest back-to-school photo gallery.


Thank goodness it's a holiday after that grueling first week of school. Can't remember back to last week? Take a look at the world's cutest kids in our giant back-to-school photo gallery, and a few terrified ones as well. Can you spot the picture of the Patch editor from the first day of school, 1983?

Baton Twirling Anyone?

One of the hottest events in county for today's celebration is the . It has grown from a few Brownie troops and the slow-stepping town chess club to a full-blown county event in the last couple of decades, but it's still small enough that you can usually get a curbside seat -- that is, actually sitting on the curb. It's Americana-on-a-stick complete with baton twirlers and moon bounces. This year it coincides with the in the Kensington Armory at 3710 Mitchell St., co-hosted by the Montgomery Art Association.

I Do Believe It's Not Butter

A earlier this month revealed "unclean food-contact surfaces" and "single-service items unprotected at counter," according to a food inspection report on Washington, DC's city website. "Inspectors also cited mold on the ice machine and debris in the movie theater's popcorn drawer," 9 News Now reported. Then, an Aug. 22 inspection of the entertainment center found there was no food safety manager on duty, and the establishment was shut down. 9 News Now recently reported, however, that the theater's food service area has passed re-inspection and is back open again.

Park 'n Post

Patrons of are now able to park in the Adagio garage and have their parking tickets validated, The Gazette reports. In June, Rep. Chris Van Hollen expressed residents' outrage to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, writing, “It defies credulity that the USPS opened a facility in a developed commercial area without first ensuring that parking would be available for its customers, even for those who are disabled or elderly."

Apple Stocks Fall

Labor Day doesn't just mark the end of wearing white shoes, it means the beginning of thinking about all-things-fall, including apple-picking. If Butler's Orchard is your go-to place, the orchard is now open for pick-your-own galas. The family farm announced the news to its 462 Twitter followers. Apple season was supposed to begin Aug. 21 but was suspended due to a dispute between the family farm's operators and the person who actually owns the land, . The Butler family would not comment on the nature of the dispute.

Video Rubber-necking

You may have heard about the Aug. 20, leaving four passengers and the bus driver with minor injuries. Police, fire and county officials used surveillance video to investigate the incident and now . Four different camera angles inside of the bus show the driver appearing to lose control of the vehicle as it turned onto Avenel Road. Passengers are shown bouncing up and down in their seats as the bus drives onto the curb and several riders land on the floor as the bus swerves. 

In Other News

--As a family violence prosecutor, colleagues say Karla Smith did a job that not many others can—or will—do. Now Smith, 42, is taking on a position that no one like her has ever held. Smith has been named Montgomery County’s first black woman district court judge, The Washington Post reports. She’s been head of the county’s family violence assistant state’s attorney’s office for five years, defending victims of child abuse, domestic violence and elderly abuse, according to the state's attorney's office. Her new job is "an awesome responsibility,” Smith told The Post.

--—Maryland state Route 355—between Friendship Heights and Bethesda, meaning 120 trees and 255 shrubs likely will need to come down, according to plans from the Maryland State Highway Administration. Not included are plans for marked crosswalks, Town of Somerset council members reported. "We said that we felt it was counterproductive to have a sidewalk and no crosswalk," but state highway officials explained that because of the limited sight lines for drivers, marked crosswalks are not part of the project, council member Barbara Condos said.

--Ever wonder where crime is in our county and what crime is most prevalent? Patch Local Editor Tiffany Arnold has put together a county crime map based on Montgomery County police reports. Let us know your thoughts on crime in comments at this link.

For more county news, .

Danna Walker September 03, 2012 at 02:45 PM
I am so disappointed that I won't be able to make it to the Kensington Labor Day parade! It's my favorite hometown event!
stmojo September 03, 2012 at 03:07 PM
i also am a fan of the k'town labor day parade.


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