Councilman Wants to Force County Sidewalk Snow Removal Plan

A Montgomery County Councilman has introduced a bill that would create a sidewalk snow removal plan.

Is your sidewalk clear? File|Patch
Is your sidewalk clear? File|Patch

While warmer weekend temperatures helped melt the mounds of snow across Montgomery County, there are still curbs blocked where residents didn’t shovel. 

One county councilman wants to force the issue before next winter.

Councilman Hans Riemer has proposed legislation that would force Montgomery County to create a sidewalk snow removal plan, clearing walkways that many depend on if they cannot drive, reports WJLA TV. The legislation, if approved, would go into effect next winter.

William Smith, a Silver Spring resident with macular degeneration that has degraded his eyesight to the point that he cannot drive, uses the sidewalk to get around his neighborhood. During the major snowstorm earlier this month, Smith told the TV station that plow trucks would push feet of snow onto cleared sidewalks, making them impassable for anyone trying to walk around their neighborhood.

Has everyone in your neighborhood cleared their walks? Is such a law needed? Tell us in comments.

Paula Bienenfeld February 24, 2014 at 12:26 PM
The county cleared walkways in front of their property at the Shriver Aquatic Center/Wall Park. Unfortunately in doing so they push the snow up to the curb corner aprons so that pedestrians, including people using wheelchairs, could not cross at the curb. We also could not reach the pedestrian signalization buttons, which are set back (in violation of ADA) so the signalization did not work. While such a bill is an improvement, it does not address these issues. A comprehensive bill would be good. Thanks Councilmember Riemer for working on this.
Kim de Groot February 25, 2014 at 12:47 PM
We live near a middle and high school, and in child walking distance of an elementary school. Between the middle and high school on Newport Mill Rd. is a county park. That walk has not been cleared by the county in the 20 years we have lived here. Walkways along University Blvd. in Wheaton without homes or businesses were not cleared in the last snow resulting in handicapped people living at Inwood navigating their wheelchairs on the roadway! Homeowners must clear, or find someone to clear their walks, but the county has to do it too.


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