Berliner Talks Kensington

The town will be part of his district after county redistricting.

Montgomery County Council President Roger Berliner will represent Kensington once the county's districts are realigned next year, and he said he's spending time acquainting himself with town issues in the meantime.

Berliner (D-Dist. 1) had a chance to walk the streets of Kensington with members of the town's government last month. He said he saw some lovely residential streets and some areas in need of reinvestment.

The county council's Planning, Housing and Economic Development Committee is currently working through Kensington's controversial proposed sector plan, and while Berliner is not on the committee, he has been this month.

The plan has been , and Berliner said it's the county council's job to find a solution that encourages redevelopment without harming Kensington's character. 

"I'm optimistic we'll be able to work our way through and hopefully bring the community back together again," he said. "I am a search-for-common-ground guy."

Berliner, who was last week, is also keeping an eye on Montgomery County Public Schools' second site-selection process for a new middle school.

MCPS due to public outcry and a pending legal issue, and Berliner said he commends the decision but thinks the new site selection may well reach the same conclusion: .

"I think the process was flawed, but I'm less convinced the result was flawed," he said.

White Flint is also in District 1, and Berliner said he's proud of the county's work on the area's plan and that the coming years will be an exciting time for development.

"What we get to see now is the fruits of our labor," he said. "Have you seen some of the projects? It's just drop-dead beautiful."


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