Police: Thieves Target Outgoing Mail Containing Checks

Montgomery County police are investigating a string of thefts involving outgoing mail containing checks.


Police are investigating a string of thefts where victims have placed outgoing mail in mail boxes, often containing checks to pay bills, only to have it stolen and the checks altered and cashed at local banks. The thefts began in November 2012 and have occurred throughout the county, according to a police release.

“Police are recommending that citizens drop important outgoing mail at local post offices or in a U.S. Postal Service mailbox,” the release states. “Another option to consider is not using the ‘flag’ on your mailbox as an alert that there is mail waiting in your box.” 

Residents can report suspicious situations or individuals by calling 9-1-1 or using the police non-emergency number, 301-279-8000.


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