Police Report Drop in Wheaton Crime at End of October

Montgomery County police reported only one residential shed burglary in the Wheaton area for the last week in October following a week of multiple armed robberies.

The third week of October marked a high point for crime in the Wheaton area, with police reports of in the Wheaton area.

Yet the following week, Oct. 22-31, yielded only the report of a burglarized shed the night before Halloween in the same police beats.

The Montgomery County Police Department regularly releases compiled crime reports to the public, pooling weekly data from each police beat.

The string of robberies one week and the lone burglary the next week took place in Wheaton's two main police beats, which the department designates as Lincoln 1 and Lincoln 2 in the Fourth District. (See the police department's website to find a map of police beats in Montgomery County.)

Police released a Fourth District report on Nov. 2 with details of the robberies and burglaries that took place between Oct. 15 and 22. On Nov. 8, police released a report covering Oct. 22-31 that mentioned only the residential shed burglary for the same two Wheaton police beats.

According to police, the residential shed burglary occurred in the 2300 block of McMahon Road overnight from Oct. 30 to Oct. 31. Police said the burglar forced entry and took property.

Bill Hussein O'Stalin November 09, 2012 at 10:58 AM
The criminals have killed so many people the victim pool has shrunk.


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