Montgomery County Death Notices through Sept. 14

Links to obituaries as listed by several funeral homes in Montgomery County.


Click on the name of the deceased to read the full obituary and/or to submit online condolences.

Robert A. Pumphrey Funeral Home

Location: 7557 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda

Phone: 301-652-2200

Location: 300 W. Montgomery Ave., Rockville

Phone: 301-762-3939

Dolores Louisa Kratzner of Rockville died Sept. 10.  She was 82.


Hines Rinaldi Funeral Home Incorporated 

Location: 11800 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring

Phone: 301-622-2290

Charles J. Ferdock of Silver Spring died Sept. 13.  He was 78.

Florence Feirman of Potomac died Sept. 11.  She was 98.

Edward Louis Radoane of Silver Spring died Sept. 9.  He was 91.

Dorothy B. Passer of Washington, D.C. died Sept. 7.  She was 86.

Rufai Salau of Upper Marlboro died Sept. 7.  He was 65.


Collins Francis J Funeral Home Incorporated

Location: 500 University Blvd. West, Silver Spring

Phone: 301-593-9500

Allein Clair Ricker of Rockville died Sept. 13.  She was 86.

Frank E. Hoban of Chevy Chase died Sept. 10.  He was 98.

Robert LaFon Terrell, Sr. of Greenbelt died Sept. 9.  He was 93.

Rita Jane Foley of Rockville died Sept. 10.

Martha Jane McCampbell of Silver Spring died Sept. 8.  She was 86.

Jon C. Grover of Silver Spring died Sept. 8.  He was 71.

Paul David Glazer of Chevy Chase died Sept. 7.  He was 59.

Ivadell Norman Beere of Silver Spring died Sept. 4.

John T. Perkoski of Silver Spring died Sept. 3.  He was 87.

Mary Sharpe Pate of Frederick died Sept. 3.  She was 92.

Jack E. Boucher of Silver Spring died Sept. 2. 


Rinaldi Philip D Funeral Service

Location: 9241 Columbia Blvd., Silver Spring

Phone: 301-585-4050

Norman T. Church died Sept. 6.  He was 84.

Natalia Zubchonok died Sept. 5.

Nancy Jean Smith died Sept. 5.

Katherine L. Ricketts died Sept. 3. 


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