Great Kensington Pumpkin Keeps Us Guessing

Will the iconic pumpkin be up or down the next time you pass by?


You know it's Halloween season in Kensington because the giant pumpkin on top of Gene's Costumes has been inflated.

Or, has it?

The large orange orb goes up this time of year, casting a snaggle-toothed smile over Connecticut Avenue near Plyer's Mill. It's a long tradition at the costume shop known for its costume rentals, accessories, makeup and Halloween décor.

It's also well-known that the pumpkin sometimes has a bit of trouble. Most days it's up. But other days it gets deflated, just as perhaps we all do.

We caught the pumpkin in both its stages last week (see photos).

The pumpkin might not be at the level of "Chompie," the gargantuan inflated shark that lords over downtown Silver Spring on the Discovery building during the summer. But, it's ours. 

And, we're rooting for it.


Gene's Costumes, a member of the National Costumer's Association, is located at 10636 Connecticut Ave., Kensington, MD. Starting Oct. 15, it will have special hours of Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.


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