Who's Hiring in Wheaton and Kensington

Looking for a job? These companies are hiring employees.

These are a few of the job postings in the Wheaton and Kensington areas. Do you know of others? Tell us in the comments below.

Entertainment sales associate

F.Y.E., an electronics and entertainment store in Westfield Wheaton, will be having an in-store job fair on Sunday, Oct. 21 from 12-4 p.m. According to a Facebook post by Westfield Wheaton, F.Y.E. is hiring for assistant managers and sales associates positions. For more information, contact the store at: 301-949-4822.


Kaiser Permanente in Kensington is hiring for a full-time nurse to provide "quality patient care for post-operative patients." Basic qualifications include the following: a minimum of two years of current recovery room or critical care experience, current RN licensure in appropriate jurisdiction, A.C.L.S. certification, CPR and B.L.S. certification.

Catering Sales Representative

Corcoran Caterers is hiring a catering sales representative in the Silver Spring area to develop customer relationships, design menus and events and coordinate catering operations.

Associate Auditor

Discovery Communications in downtown Silver Spring is hiring an associate auditor. A bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or other related field is required.


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