Plans for White Flint Will Turn a Mall into a Town

The 31-acre site would become offices, apartments and retail.

Last week, the owners of White Flint Mall announced their plans to transform the shopping center into a mixed-use community, the Washington Post reported.

The 31-acre lot would be converted into 5.2 million square feet of space with a plaza in the middle, the Post reported. There would be three office buildings totalling 1 million square feet, a 300-room hotel and commercial-residential buildings with 1 million square feet of retail space and 2,500 housing units.

Lerner Enterprises and Tower Cos., the mall's owners, are yet to submit their 25-year plan to Montgomery County and have not announced a construction timeline, the Post reported.

Some residents worry that such large-scale construction would disrupt the neighborhood, possibly closing paths and sidewalks near the mall, the Gazette reported.

You can read more about the plans in the Post and the Gazette.


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