Fun Buy Of The Day: ‘Snooki’ Burger and ‘Baby’ Slider

BGR celebrates the birth of Snooki's new baby Lorenzo with -- you guessed it -- a signature burger.

Remember the wildly popular ‘Snooki’ burger at ? You know, the one that paid homage to Jersey Shore reality star Nicole Polizzi?

Well, it’s back, but this time it’s being served up with a free “baby” slider on the side in honor of the recent birth of Polizzi’s son, Lorenzo.

Back for a limited time, the ‘Snooki’ burger features a beef patty topped with a fresh-grilled jalapeno, a slice of Philadelphia cream cheese, and BGR’s signature mojo sauce, all served on top of a toasted brioche bun.

The “baby” slider is a mini version, just like little Lorenzo. What better way to celebrate his birth? You were doing that anyway, right?

BGR is known for its culinary nods to local and national names of note, including its recent homage to Bethesda’s hometown Olympian, Katie Ledecky, with its


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