Local Voices: Improving Your Soil, A Gilchrist Center Thanksgiving, Grade Placement

Wheaton Patch highlights star bloggers in its Local Voices section.

Have you ever explored the Local Voices section on Wheaton Patch's home page? This week we highlight some of the fantastic blogs written there by community members.

Improving Your Soil

"If we ever want to see cool, clean water flowing through Sligo Creek, we will have to stop treating our soil like dirt."

Ed Murtagh, the chair of the Friends of Sligo Creek Stormwater Committee and a board member of GreenWheaton, writes about the importance of good soil for retaining water, improving drainage and filtering out harmful pollutants. Learn more about how to improve your soil.

Friends of Immigrant Center Take Part in the Spirit of Thanksgiving

The Charles Gilchrist Center for Cultural Diversity, an important resource center in Wheaton for immigrants living in Montgomery County, collaborated with A Wider Circle this Thanksgiving to distribute food to families in need. Read more about this act of generosity and holiday spirit.

Is Your Child a Victim of His Birthday?

When should students be allowed to move forward to a higher grade level? How much should it depend on their age, or where their birthday falls in the calendar year? John DeMarchi, the head of school at Wheaton's Evergreen School, writes about the Montessori approach to this issue. Read more about the link between age and grade placement.


Would you like to blog on Wheaton Patch? It's free and easy to set up--and it's a good way to make your voice heard: http://wheaton-md.patch.com/blog/apply


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