Busy Political Ad Season Ends For Bethesda Voice-Over Artist

Jane Lueders recorded Democratic campaign ads from a closet-turned-studio in her Bethesda home, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Voice-over artist Jane Lueders may be the only person in Bethesda sad to see the political ad season come to an end.

For many this election season, Leuders has become the voice of the Democratic party, the Wall Street Journal reports, using a closet-turned-studio in her Bethesda home to record political advertisements broadcast nationwide.

Lueders told the Wall Street Journal that negative campaign ads are her favorite to record during busy campaign season.

"There are so many expressions of negativity…each one is a slightly different inflection of the voice which involves using different expressions and parts of the chest, larynx, mouth and nose to get the right sound," Lueders wrote in an e-mail to WSJ.

Lueders saw her annual income jump by 50 percent this election season, WSJ reports -- but her voice has also gone bust.

Read the full story at the Wall Street Journal.


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